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John Slatin AccessU

Whether you're a designer, developer, project manager, administrators or responsible for online content or development: Classes at John Slatin AccessU teach you the knowledge you can immediately use.

The John Slatin AccessU conference was named after John Slatin of the University of Texas, a pioneering leader in web accessibility. The goal is to provide tools that can immediately be put to use by designers, developers, project managers, administrators, and anyone who is responsible for online content and development. John Slatin AccessU teaches those skills in an interactive and communal environment where you will learn everything you need to know about integrating accessibility into your company.

Course Offerings

For 2018, we can confirm the following courses. A course schedule will be available at a later date:

Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Revised Section 508: What are the Details? (Katie Heritos-Shea)

  • Usability Testing with People with Disabilities (Elisa Miller, Jayne Schurick, Marine Menier)

  • Inclusive Design Workshop (Mary Jo Mueller, Hayley Hughes, Sharu Pandhi, Susann Keohane)

  • K12 - Inclusive Design for Classrooms, Schools, and Districts (Cari Collins, Carye Edelman, Nichole Kertis, Jan McSorley, Roger Steele)

Main Conference Classes

Track: Business Strategy

  • Creating Empathy Labs (Crystal Baker, Lewis Phillips)

  • Make Compliance and Accessibility Fun (Crystal Baker, Lewis Phillips)

  • Accessibility in the Organization: Integrating Accessibility into Job Roles (Rob Carr)

  • Let’s Talk Law: Accessibility as a Civil Right (2018 AccessU Legal Update) (Lainey Feingold)

  • Social Media, Accessibility, and You (John Folio)

  • How to Inject Accessibility into Your Organization (James Green)

  • Implementing Accessibility Strategically (Jeff Kline)

  • Accessibility - An Army of One! (Seda Maurer)

  • A Framework for a Better Framework (Richard Steinberg)

Track: Content

  • PDF Accessibility Part 1 (Kirk Black)

  • PDF Accessibility Part 2 (Kirk Black)

  • WordPress + Accessibility = Win (Bobby Brooks)

  • Making Microsoft Word Documents Accessible (Cornelius Chopin)

  • Responsive and Accessible Images (Eric Eggert)

  • Understanding WCAG 2.1 (Becky Gibson)

  • Tips for Adding Effective Audio Description to Your Videos (Celia Hughes, April Sullivan)

  • Plain Language: Accessibility for Content (Elisa Miller)

  • Thinking about Described Video with Integrated Described Video (IDV) (Chris O’Brien)

  • Accessible Microsoft Office: Excel 2010/2013 (Richard Steinberg)

  • Hints for Simplifying the Complex in Adobe Acrobat Pro (Cammie Truesdell)

  • Make MS Word Do the Hard Work for You and Your Organization (Cliff Tyllick)

  • Advanced Remediation of Ancient Word Documents: Your Worst Fears Relieved (Cliff Tyllick)

  • Social Media Management with a Screen Reader (Anthony Vasquez)

  • Accessible PowerPoint Presentations (Mike Zapata)

Track: Design/UX

  • Designing Accessibility: Make Your Designs Beautiful and Accessible to All (Robert Jolly)

  • WebVR Accessibility: Exploring Opportunities within Virtual Environments (Robert Jolly)

  • The Carrot and the Stick: Usability in the Context of Accessible Design (Erin Marchak)

  • PowerPoint Design for Aesthetics and Accessibility (Carmen Matthews)

  • PDF Form Design (Carmen Matthews)

  • Designing for a Broad Spectrum of Cognitive Abilities (Kurt Mattes)

  • Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Your Users (Elisa Miller)

  • Design Studio: An Introduction to Design Thinking (Elisa Miller)

  • Rethinking Color and Contrast (Jared Smith)

  • Responsive Web for Universal Access (Kate Walser)

  • Introduction to User Research (Kate Walser)

Track: Dev/Coding

  • Android Accessibility for Native App Developers (Paul Adam)

  • Accessibility in Native iOS: iPhone, watchOS & iPad App Development (Paul Adam)

  • Designing Accessible Forms (Jim Allan)

  • Creating Accessible Tables (Jim Allan)

  • Advanced Accessibility: Deep Dive for Developers (Eric Eggert)

  • Simplify Your Development Life with Tools, Tests and Procedures (Eric Eggert)

  • ARIA Serious? 2018 (Eric Eggert)

  • Accessible Widgets I (Patrick Fox)

  • Accessible Widgets II (Patrick Fox)

  • Accessibility with HTML5 (Becky Gibson)

  • Accessible JavaScript Powered Applications (Robert Jolly)

  • Introduction to ARIA: The Why, The How, The New, The Weird… (Patrick Lauke)

  • OpenSource Accessibility with Drupal (Erin Marchak)

  • Accessibility 101, or You Want Me to Do What? (Mike Moore, Cornelius Chopin)

  • Screen Readers and CSS, Part II: Farther Out of Style (and Deeper into Content) (John Northup, Steve Sawczyn)

  • Developing iOS Apps with Emphasis on Accessibility Quality (Brent Shiver)

  • 10 Common Gotchas in Accessible Development (Elizabeth Simister)

  • Accessible Development with React.js (Akash Singh)

  • Accessibility and Security: Gotchas to Avoid! (Nicolas Steenhout)

  • Surviving Dev Frameworks: Lessons Learned with Drupal, Wordpress, jQuery, and More (Kate Walser)

Track: Education

  • Real Life Application of Developing Knowledge of Accessibility in a K - 12 Learning Environment (Cari Collins, Roger Steele)

  • EPUB for K-12 and University (Wayne Dick)

  • #AllKidsCanLearn - Trends in K - 12 Assistive Technology (Carye Edelman, Shira Goldberg, NeCol Roager, Melissa Mathews)

  • Translating Accessibility for the Lay User (Rita Fennelly-Atkinson)

  • Access Abilities: Designing for All Learners (David Hernandez)

  • Teaching Accessibility and Universal Design in Higher Education Curriculum: Benefits, Approaches, and Resources (Howard Kramer, Lydia Harkey, Kris Anne Kinney)

  • Education with the Internet is for Everyone! (Brian Miller, Cari Collins)

  • Accessible Mathematics for Students with a Visual Impairment and/or Additional Disabilities (Susan Osterhaus, Maylene Bird)

  • Just in Time Learning….For Everyone (Stacey Rayos, Carrie Farraje)

  • Inclusive Classrooms (Elizabeth Simister)

Track: General

  • Making the Web a Better Place for Screen Reader Users (Keith Bundy)

  • Maybe Level AAA is Not So Bad? (Gerard Cohen)

  • Video Captioning Fun with Gene and Dave (Dave Dauber, Gene Rodgers)

  • Catching Up with Accessibility: Beginner’s Basics (Shawn Henry)

  • The WAI to Web Accessibility: An Interactive Tour Through Resources from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (Shawn Henry, Brent Bakken, Sharron Rush)

  • The Many Shades of Grey (Naveesha Majaraj, Christopher Land)

  • Everyone is Disabled (Sometimes) (Mike Moore, Dave Dauber)

  • Explore Improved Access with WCAG 2.1 (Mary Jo Mueller, Anne Forrest)

  • World Tour of Accessibility Policy and Standards (Mary Jo Mueller)

  • Including Speech Input Users: What’s Frustrating, What’s Needed (Kim Patch)

  • Well Designed Forms from Paper to Web (Lewis Phillips, Crystal Baker)

  • Accessibility Website Overhaul (Jesse Quintanilla)

  • A11y Wars: Rethinking Industry-wide Interpretation Differences (Glenda Sims, Wilco Fiers)

  • Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal (Joel Snyder)

Track: Testing

  • Improving Accessible Quality through Automated Tools and DevOps Practices (Thomas Burnet, Charu Pandhi)

  • Accessibility Testing Tools for Developers (Gerard Cohen)

  • Easy Checks for Web Accessibility: Get the Gist (No Experience Necessary) (Shawn Henry)

  • Accessibility Testing for the Rest of Us (Mike Moore, Nancy Abee)

  • Practical Accessibility Testing Tools for Everyone (Lewis Phillips, Crystal Baker)

  • The Perils of Using Assistive Technology for Testing (Elizabeth Simister)

  • Accessibility Testing with Screen Readers (Desiree Sturdevant, Anthony Vasquez)

  • Strategy for Native Mobile App Testing Methodology iOS vs Android (Jatin Vaishnav)

  • Measure Your Digital Accessibility Health (Dawn Watkins)


AccessU offers a wide-variety of classes. As a developer & content person & communications person & trainer of coworkers, it was great to be able to bounce around to different areas of accessibility needs.

Always enjoy meeting and talking with the great accessibility professionals at AccessU!

I enjoyed seeing former colleagues and meeting new people. AccessU is a great opportunities for networking.

Demos were awesome! This was really great to see in real life what we had been talking about in theory.

I love the concept and would want to attend this in future years.