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The Accessibility Internet Rally is a global competition based in Austin, Texas that pairs teams of top web developers and web design students with nonprofit organizations to create or improve their websites. The competition is hosted by Knowbility. It costs $100 for nonprofits to create or re-do their websites.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, project manager, administrators or responsible for online content or development: Classes at John Slatin AccessU teach you the knowledge you can immediately use.

AccessWorks is a user panel of people with disabilities maintained by Knowbility for usability testing of websites, mobile apps, and computer applications.

ATSTAR (Assistive Technology: Strategies, Tools, Accommodations & Resources) is an online curriculum designed to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities by helping teachers learn to use assistive technology in the classroom.

The Knowbility Accessibility Leadership Symposium (KALS) is a dynamic, collaborative symposium of leaders gathered to address leadership issues in digital accessibility. If you are interested in an upcoming KALS event, let us know and we will contact you with more information.